delight members and create habit forming behaviour

Increase engagement.
Increase monetization.
Increase insight.

Become a
for everyday

Become a
for everyday


Prepaid Commerce platforms powered by Esiance complement your existing affiliate, card-linked, loyalty and couponing programs, giving members even more reasons to visit often.

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Unlock New Spending Categories

Open the door to merchants in gas, grocery, dining, food delivery, and more. Extend usefulness by giving customers the choice to spend online or offline.

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Simplify the Terms

Reduce administrative and customer frustration with:

  • No refund abuse
  • No clawbacks
  • No inconsistent payment windows
  • No complex restrictions that lead to customer service issues


Category leading brands loved by your members

Esiance platforms provide access to powerful partnerships with leading brands willing to give your audience members incentives and exclusive promotions.


Leading brands love prepaid commerce because it captures and locks-in consumers at the beginning of the shopping journey


With a card in hand, consumers will then go out of their way to visit such merchant versus other competitive options


Shopping visits where a gift card is redeemed results in positive buying behaviour with significant uplift

Participation from Canada’s top brands

We provide physical and digital prepaid options from 250+ category leading merchant partners, including gas, grocery, dining, online retail, and food delivery.

Turn-key profitability

Instantly increase monetization of your user base with a complementary product offering they already understand and value.

Back again so soon?

Create repeat visits and habit forming behaviour. Members return more often to replenish and earn rewards for purchasing gift cards to their favourite places, including gas, grocery, and coffee.

AI protection against your greatest risk

Gift cards are untethered to individual identities, hard to trace, easy to convert to cash or resellable goods, and ubiquitous.

Better yet for fraudsters, they’re not bound by the same extensive regulations as credit or debit card transactions. It’s no wonder so many different scams have developed around gift cards.

We have the solution.

Complementary services

With 95%+ approval rates and decisioning within seconds, Esiance streamlines the user experience while losing no ground to fraudsters.

Thwarting constantly evolving forms of fraud:

  • Credit Card Fraud (most talked about, but not largest)
  • Accounts Takeovers (increasingly rapidly, biggest impact on member experience and trust)
  • Promo Abuse (often accepted as a cost of doing business, but shoud not be)
  • Friendly Fraud (the hardest to detect.)
  • Carding (potential gateway to more organized attacks)



Deep Gift Card Fraud Expertise

Anonymous and untraceable, gift cards are the #1 source of online fraud. We are the experts with over $250MM in physical and digital prepaid goods transacted online, and unmatched fraud prevention rates.


Adaptive Machine Learnng

The Esiance Fraud platform anticipates, protects and prevents, using modern analytics and embedded artificial intelligence techniques designed specifically for prepaid commerce.


Stay Safe, Stay Secure

We safeguard your organization’s reputation and your bottom line by stopping improper payments associated with fraud, waste and abuse before they occur, all in real-time.

The Esiance Advantage

The Esiance Advantage

Absolute Best Pricing

Supply system designed to support third party integration if a better rate is available

Sleep Secure

Hosted on dedicated toptier servers. White-listed and encrypted…

Our Partners Love Us

Based on a shared-success model. We always partner with you to share in the profits and losses from all transactions. No misaligned incentives.

Choose your integration

  • API or fully managed prepaid commerce solution
  • Full white-label offering to ensure its consistent with your existing platform
  • Fully aligned interests with shared profit model. Always.